Dr. Nakatsui was trained in this technique in 1999 by its originator, Dr. Jerry Wong, and is proud to have been among the very first surgeons in the world to use this technique, which is rapidly being adopted by many of the top hair transplant surgeons in the world.

This technique is also known as coronal or perpendicular slits, and has been perfected over the last few years yielding exceptional results.

The lateral slit technique for hair transplant surgery offers several advantages over previous
methods, including:

1. More precise control over hair angulation than ever before
2. Optimal orientation of each follicular unit, leading to better scalp coverage
3. The ability to pack grafts at higher density than with most previous methods (dense packing)

Imagine a stack of cards, with each card representing one hair within a three-haired follicular unit.
One way to orient these cards is one in front of the other; another way is one card beside the others. Clearly, the best way to provide the most coverage is to orient these cards beside each other. In most transplants, hairs are oriented one in front of the other, or at best in a random orientation. With lateral slits, the orientation can be controlled, and this feature, coupled with dense packing, yields better results than ever before.