How long will it be obvious I have had a hair transplant?

After the procedure, you will have some crusts that last about
7-10 days. Following this, the crusts can be removed without any fear of losing the hair follicles. Once the crusts have been removed, there is minimal evidence that a procedure has been done except for some redness of the transplanted areas that looks like a sunburn.

Will I need a large bandage on my head following the procedure?
Years ago, we routinely bandaged the head with a large bandage that made the patient look like he had major brain surgery, but with new technology and procedures, it is absolutely unnecessary to do this and you leave with only a loose fitting ballcap. Consequently, when you leave our office, no one will suspect a thing.

Can areas such as the temples and lateral sides of the scalp be filled in with hair?
In certain cases, these areas can be filled in. If one follows the hair angle correctly, these areas can be filled in and often require only a small amount of hair follicles because of a shingling effect. However, in patients whom we suspect will develop extreme hair loss, it can be dangerous to fill in the temples because the hair can recede behind it.