Can you spot the hair transplant? This is a close-up photo of unretouched results after one hair transplant by Dr. Nakatsui using 100% follicular units—all of the hairs in this photo are transplanted hairs with absolutely no evidence of scarring. In Dr. Nakatsui’s opinion, the only way to achieve this naturalness, density, and undetectability is to only use dense- packed follicular units. Consequently, Dr. Nakatsui will almost never use larger grafts (e.g. multi follicular-unit grafts--see MFUGs ) anymore.

To our knowledge, Dr. Nakatsui is one of only a few physicians in Canada who is capable of performing 100% follicular unit hair transplants on all patients and in Edmonton, he is the only physician capable of doing large sessions (e.g. >3000 grafts), as it is technically difficult and demanding. In addition, he uses a relatively new, state-of-the-art technique called the lateral slit technique to give a denser look than was possible even four years ago (as a result, in most cases, only one session of dense packing is required to completely fill in a given area—see gallery ). He was trained in this advanced technique about five years ago by its originator, Dr. Jerry Wong, and has found it so advantageous that he uses it almost exclusively.
Please note that the services offered at the Groot DermaSurgery Centre are only available to Canadian citizens.
Dr. Nakatsui offers follicular unit hair transplant surgery in Edmonton
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