Follicular unit grafts are transplanted are transplanted into tiny incisions made in the bald or thinning areas where they will resume their growth. The implementation of this simple idea requires artistry, careful attention to detail, and meticulous technique throughout each step of the procedure.

With all techniques, space must be left between grafts to ensure proper blood flow, providing the essential supply of blood for grafts to grow. However the larger the grafts, the greater the spaces that have to be left between them, and

consequently the less natural these will appear.
Some surgeons will claim that transplanting large multi-follicular unit grafts (MFUG) is the same thing as transplanting only follicular unit grafts because the number of hairs is the same, but this is not the case. Although it is faster and easier to transplant MFUGs, the price you pay is a decrease in naturalness and an increase in detectability. Our patients tell us that naturalness and undetectability are very important to them and frankly, it is just as important to us. Consequently, we no longer use larger grafts such as slot grafts and multi-follicular-unit grafts and are committed to using 100% follicular units.